Sunday, May 1, 2011

It all started as a dream.... but now I'm actually going to to the true wilderness of Africa!

My booking has finaly been confirmed! I'm now gladly able to let you know that my next trip will be to South Africa, for 8 lovely weeks this summer (their winter)!!!

The purpose of this trip is to attend some field guide courses in the famous and fantastic Kruger park and learn about the daily work to preserv the park, how to guide tourists and the most exiting thing of all: learn how to track wild animals!

These courses are provided by Eco training and in this map you can see the locations of their camps.

This is my schedule for the trip:

- 19/7 Flight from Göteborg (at 06:20) to Johannesbourg, via Amsterdam (KLM flight)
- 19/7 15 hours later, arriving in Johannesburg airport at 21:20
- 19/7-21/7 Staying at Emerald Guest house, in Johannesburg
- 21/7 City bug bus from JHB to Nelspruit.
- 21/7-22/7 Staying av the Mecure Inn hotel in Nelspruit for one night
- 22/7 Car to Makuleke camp
- 22/7 The 14 day long Game Ranger course starts at 2 pm
- 28/7 Change location to Karongwe camp
- 3/8 The end of the Game Ranger course.
- 3-6/8 Vacation/free time! So far, no plans.
- 6/8 The 28 days long Trail guide course starts, we will be staying at Makuleke camp
- 8/9 End of the second course. 7 hour long bus trip from the camp to the airport in Johannesbourg
- 8/9 Flight from Johannesburg at 23:20 to Göteborg via Amsterdam (KLM flight)
- 9/9 Arriving by plan at 12:05 in Landvetter

- 12/9 Back to work....

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