Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 1-3 - On my way down there...

Finaly, time to begin my adventure!!!
The flight down to Johannesburg took about 15 hours, incl a connecting flight in Amsterdam. I left Landvetter at 6.40 am on the 19/7.
I stayed at a hostel close to the airport (Emerald guest house) since I arrived at 11 pm that Tuesday night. It was a nice place but freeeeezing cold in J-borg!!! It couldn't have been more than 3-4 degrees! I slept in my long johns and a extra blancet. This is the room I had (door to the left). Forgot to take a pic of the inside...:
 Dining area
 Breakfast (notice that I'm drinking coffee!)

Small pool just outside the dining area (almost fell into that pool when I arrived the first night, since it was pitch dark and they parked the tranfer bus just next to it!)

 A bigger pool in the backyard (I did not swim in might not look cold but it was freezing. They had snow 1-2 weeks later)
On the 21/7 it was time for me to go to Neilspruit, were Andrew (one of the students in the Game Ranger course) where suppose to pic me up on the 22nd and then drive to Makuleke Camp up north. I had booked a bus ticket with City Bug. I hade some trouble to pay the ticket, but I arranged that when I jumped on the bus at the airport. The ticket price was 350 Rand (=350 sek) for a 4 hour trip.
Just some funny info in the inside of the bus...the most important part (that you are more than welcome to tip the driver, is almost bigger that the safety info)

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