Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 6 - Game Ranger course - First walk in the wild!

On the second day at the course we were going on a morning walk with Brian. We had to leave camp at 6.30am in order to use the light and not be out there in the mid day sun (which is soooo strong)

Sun rise at Palm Vlei

And here we are. Brian Kelly, out guide was walking as #1, then our instructor Ralf Kalwa (also with a rifle), then us students: Maureen, Andrew and me at the end. It was actually pretty exiting to be the end of the line... looked for lions, leopards and other preditors all the time. Didn't see any though... :( (but that actually felt a bit like a relief)

Walking through the fever tree forest, along the big river Limpopo. This pan is about to dry up (don't remember the name of it... if it has any?)

Some impalas ahead. Pretty hard to spot them in the grass. Good cover.

Our first leopard track! It had walked on the same path as we did now, but maybe just an hour before us. Imagine that!
I'm so impressed by the way Brian and Ralf spots everything. Tracks, animals, smells, signs of activity and just reading the environmet and reacting to it. Saw a small croc by Nlangaluwe pan and then some elands (biggest antilope in the world) in the far distance. I'm stunned! This is life!

 When we got back to camp, it was time for some proper breakfast!! Man I was hungry. We walked for about 3 hours without anything els than coffee and rusks (skorpor) in out stomachs.
Look at this breakfast! They served this every day! Yummie!

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